It all starts with a simple voice recording.
Share your thoughts, impressions, or ideas with the Blockbrain Mobile App. Your content will be transformed effortlessly into any professional document you want it to become—a report, a concept, an email—and then saved in our secure data environment, Cortex.
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Add visual data
Collect further important information, like images of business cards or other visual information you want to save. Those will be saved alongside your other data, giving us more context for creating a top-notch result.
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Organize your results on our platform
You can find all your raw materials and already created Blockbrain Insights neatly organized on your desktop. With our platform, you can now decide how to proceed with your saved and ready-to-share results.
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Create professional notes, reports and analyses on the fly
You can further iterate your results if you are unhappy or combine them with other data. For example, you could fill in the blanks about certain clients by adding visual data from their business cards or simply provide more context to elevate your results to a different level.
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Share with your colleagues
All Blockbrain Insights can be easily shared with your colleagues, allowing you to collaborate on new ideas, concepts, or other documents.
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Export into your professional infrastructure
You can export all your Blockbrain Insights into your own infrastructure, providing your CRM, CMS or CRM with valuable data or conclusions.
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