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8 hours saved
every week in repetitive tasks for each knowledge worker via automation
50 % boost
in knowledge creation and utilization via AI-driven document drafting and sharing
90 %
of questions resolved without employee escalation
The Knowledge Bots
A Dual Approach to Unleashing Your Corporate Knowledge
Knowledge Bots Retriever
Your AI-Powered Information Pathfinder
Knowledge Bots Nexus
The Insight Architect
The Knowledge Bot Retriever is a smart, real-time guide through your company's knowledge base, offering quick and accurate access to data, FAQs, and documents. Just like the experienced expert collegue everybody loves.
Instant access to company knowledge.
Precise answers to questions.
Efficient navigation of corporate resources.
Nexus Content
Cortex Data Vault
Cortex securely stores and safeguards your company's data from attacks and unauthorized changes. It ensures data integrity with audit trails to track modifications. Our VERIFAI technology monitors and benchmarks deployed generative AI for your peace of mind.
Image Cortex

Blockbrain Founders

60+ years of combined experience in scaling data-driven tech companies from startup to corporate level

Mattias Protzmann

Product and Strategy

Honza Ngo

Operations and Growth

Antonius Gress

Technology and Data