8 hours
saved per week by automating tasks
50 %
more efficient team communication
90 %
of questions resolved with self-service
Boost sales productivity and conversion with personalized AI assistants and automation
Improve machine availability with the right info at hand for technicians and maintenance
Digital Twins
Accelerate problem-solving by unifying your scattered know-how into one “company brain”
Automate repetitive legal and admin workflows with AI-driven document processing
The Knowledge Bots
A Dual Approach to Unleashing Your Corporate Knowledge
Knowledge Bots Retriever
Access the right Information exactly at the right time
Knowledge Bots Nexus
Extract, create, and share new knowledge effortlessly
The Knowledge Bot Retriever is a smart, real-time guide through your company's knowledge base, offering quick and accurate access to data, FAQs, and documents. Just like the experienced expert collegue everybody loves.
Instant access to company knowledge.
Precise answers to questions.
Efficient navigation of corporate resources.
Nexus Content
Cortex Data Vault
Cortex securely stores and safeguards your company's data from attacks and unauthorized changes. It ensures data integrity with audit trails to track modifications. Our VERIFAI technology monitors and benchmarks deployed generative AI for your peace of mind.
Image Cortex
Our Clients
Trusted by leading Mittelstand enterprises to safeguard their knowledge and data.
client client client client client
“Blockbrain's Knowledge Bots app has exceeded our expectations. Its simplicity and effectiveness have allowed our sales team more client interactions than in previous years. We can access relevant information very quickly, and leverage the collective knowledge more easily.”
Maximilian Reichard
Sales Lead
"Partnering with Blockbrain represents an exciting opportunity for us. We believe that by leveraging their AI technology to access, create, and share knowledge more efficiently, our teams can focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional results for our clients."
Thomas Merten
Managing Director