Train the bot on your company know-how
Upload user manuals, documentation, and customer support tickets related to your machines into a centralized knowledge base. This will provide Blockbrain with all the existing information to assist technicians and users.
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Document issues in real-time with ease
When a technician encounters a pressing need with a machine on-site, they can use the Blockbrain mobile or desktop app to quickly capture and report the situation via voice, text, or photos to provide context of the event.
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Quickly resolve issues on the spot
Blockbrain's Knowledge Bots will recommend tailored actions, using the company's collective expertise. With step-by-step visual guidance, service technicians and operators can maintain, troubleshoot, and resolve issues much faster.
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Transparent and explainable AI
Each answer is 100% generated by cross-referencing existing technical documents, maintenance logs, and past solutions for the given machine model or error code, matching the reported symptoms of the technician.
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Constantly grow your company knowledge
When a new issue is reported, the user can easily document the incident and solution. The updated knowledge is automatically saved for similar future questions. This ensures continuous learning, benefitting the entire organization.
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Maximize machine availability
By leveraging AI to put the proper knowledge in technicians' hands at the right time, companies can dramatically improve machinery uptime, maintenance efficiency, and overall performance.
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